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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jaxten is 3 months old!

Jaxten, you are 3 months old!

You are laughing and smiling and it just makes me want to melt into a puddle in the floor!  Here are some fun facts about you this month!

*You weigh 12lb 12oz and you are 23 1/4in long! (May 17th)

*You are in a size 2 diaper and it's all because of those chunky little legs!

*You wear a good mixture of 0-3mth and 3-6mth clothes. 

*You eat about every 2 1/2-3 hours during the day.  You eat 2-3oz at a time in your bottle and it's mostly mommy's milk with a little bit of formula now and then.

*You are still sleeping great!  You sleep anywhere from 6-9 hours at a time each night!  You still take several naps during the day too, but you are staying awake for longer periods.

*We went to the RCR race shop for Caden's birthday party.  You weren't really interested in the race cars, but you enjoyed watching all the kids running around playing.  The highlight of the day for you was when pawpaw gave you a taste of vanilla ice cream which you LOVED!!

*We went to the zoo for the first time on Caden's birthday!  You slept in the stroller the ENTIRE TIME until the last 20 minutes.  You woke up in time for us to take a couple of pictures in front of the giraffes and zebras and then went back to sleep in the car on the way home.

*You got 3 shots at the dr's office this month and you SCREAMED.  It was so pitiful.  It made mommy cry too :'(

*You really do not like to ride in the car.  If you are awake, you will cry the whole time we are in there!  That's exactly opposite of how Caden was.  If he was fussy or fighting sleep we could ride him around the block and he would go right to sleep.  Not you!  And if you are asleep in the car and we stop at a stoplight or go through a drive-thru, you will wake up and cry every time!

*You started really laughing and cackling this month!  It makes my heart leap to hear you laugh!

*I had to go back to work May 28th :(  so you began to stay with mimi and granny during the day.  You have adjusted really well, but I think you still miss me!  I know I miss you like crazy!