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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Speer at 9 weeks

Wow, this post is a little late. OK, it's A LOT late. But here it is anyway! This was the ultrasound from 9 weeks, which was about 6 weeks ago. Last time I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and the yolk sac was still bigger than the baby. It was literally kind of a blob looking thing. This time it was so cool to get to see the baby actually looking like a tiny little baby. It was just moving all around kicking it's short little arms and legs. Absolutely precious.

Well, I just wanted you to see the proof. Somehow it all seems a bit more real after you see the baby and hear the little heartbeat.

New preschool, let the crying begin.

So I told you all about the big boy haircut for the new preschool. Well, he started at the new preschool last Thursday, and of course he has cried everyday since. Now you all know that he had a problem with this at the old daycare. We finally got a handle on it, and he switched schools.

So, we are back to crying. He cries, I cry, the people looking at me in the halls get a little teary eyed. It's quite the spectacle. He is just so pitiful. This is our conversation every morning on the way to his new school.

Caden: "Mommy, am I going to school today?"

Me: "Yes you are"

Caden: "My new school?"

Me: "Yes baby"

Caden: (crying is beginning) "But I want to go to my old school. I don't want to go to my new school. (crying harder now) Please don't take me to that new school"

Me: (heart broken) "But you will have so much fun at your new school. Your teacher is so nice, and your friends from church go there. It will be great"

Caden: (continues to beg me not to take him to this place) "But I will not have fun, I promise I will not have fun today."

And you get the picture. They literally have to pry his hands off of my neck, and his little face is soaking wet with tears. It just tears me up to have to leave him somewhere ALL day EVERY day. I don't want someone else to raise my children. I want to do it. God gave them to me and I want to be there for them. I think it's just awful that once he starts kindergarten, that's it. He'll be in school every day for 13 years with homework every night. Then, it's off to college (hopefully). Then, it's off to the real world with jobs and marriage and kids and my baby is a grown man.

He's 3 years old. That only leaves me about 2 years until his journey to adulthood really begins. Then, there's this new baby. I don't want to leave this child while I work 40 hours a week + 5 hours worth of lunch time + about 7.5 hours of driving time. That's over 50 hours away from my new baby. It just makes me sick to think about it. It would just be perfect if I could stay at home with the kids until they start school. I really don't have anything against working, and I actually like my job for once. But, I feel like I should be at home with my babies. I feel like God would be pleased with it, but he's gonna have to work out our financial situation because cutting out my income will put a dent in it. I know he can, I just have a hard time letting control of things go and turning it completely over to him. I really like to be in control, or at least feel like I'm in control.

But this whole thing is really stressing me out. So, please help me pray about finding and really listening to God's will about this.

(Man, 2 posts in one day! I'm on a roll! And it helps that blogger somehow came up at work today. I'm still working too, just blogging in between members!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

The BIG Haircut

For years now, my baby's hair was long and beautiful. Yes, I realize we're talking about a boy, but seriously, look at it. He was my little baby, with his beautiful baby hair. It kinda looked like a mullet at his first birthday, but once we had it barely trimmed, it started growing and growing. It was not the classic bowl cut as it was not shaved in the back. It was just a long round haircut that made him look like my precious little baby boy. Everyone loved his hair. (At least they told me they did) Once I talked dear hubby into letting it grow out, he even loved it.

Then came preschool.

I went to enroll him in a respected christian preschool in our area and loved the place. It had everything I was looking for (pretty much) in a preschool. He had been in daycare, but I wanted more of a learning environment for him. As I was looking through some of the handbook for this new place, I came across the dresscode section. I thought, no problem. I don't dress him like a hoodlum (southern word) anyways. Then I read this little sentence that forever changed my life. (ok that's a bit dramatic I admit, but it was not a great moment.)

Hair should be neatly trimmed at all times. It must be above the ears, not fallinginto the eyebrows and not hanging on the collar.

He failed all three points. It was just at his eyebrows, but definately covering his ears and hanging on his collar depending on the shirt.

OMG..... We have to cut his hair.

I do hope I'm not the only lunatic mother who nearly goes into histerics when she has her childs hair cut. But if I am, oh well. Because that is exactly what happened.

We went to a lovely woman from my church who Caden absolutely adores. Everyone calls her "granny". I thought maybe he would do better with someone he knows and likes.


When we got inside the door of her basement hair salon, the crying ensued. I gave him to his daddy and I exited stage left. I could hear the screams of pure horror from the front yard. It was all I could do not to go in there and rescue my baby from this torture session. I mean how awful would it be to be forever traumatized by a haircut? Ok, dramatic again. Well, it doesn't help that I'm pregnant during this process. Hormones are crazy already. So, I sat outside in my car and squalled and bawled and called my mommy and totally freaked her out too. She thought someone had surely died by the sound of my voice and actually laughed a little when I asked her if the cried when I got my hair cut. She did tell me that I officially had it really cut for the first time when I was in the 3rd grade. I had little trims here and there, but I had my nearly waist long hair cut off to my shoulders then. She did mention to the beautician that a valium would be good at the moment.

I thought it sounded pretty good myself, but then there's that pregnancy thing.

So, I waited until the door finally opened and I was motioned in by a smiling face. Not Caden's smiling face of course. I walked in the door and saw his head and the gushing started again. It was not at all what I was expecting. It wasn't very pretty either. It looked like it had been chopped. I did take pictures but I promptly deleted them as I did not want evidence of what had happened. Now in her defense, I can only imagine how hard it must be to cut a 3yr olds hair while he is screaming and diving and head banging and all that. I am very glad he still had both ears after the ordeal because I would surely cut one off if it were me. But I cried and cried and cried some more. Scottie was like "why don't you ask her to fix it, she'll do what you want her do?".

Uh.....seriously? Are you kidding me? You want me to let her put scissors to what hair he has left and try again?

Let me thi....NO. NO NO NO NO NO

She actually didn't charge us for it, although I have never told her how unhappy I was. I don't know if she thought I was crying just because he had it cut or if she knew that I knew it was that bad. Either way, I called my hair place as soon as we got in the car and pleaded with them to fit us in that day. The poor lady on the phone said, "Is this an emergency?". I said "OH YES, definately an emergency!" So, they fit us in within a couple of hours. I told Caden we were getting his hair cut again and I wanted him to be a good boy. I told him if he would promise me not to cry, I would let him sit in my lap. He actually sat still the whole time and didn't cry at all. She evened it up as best she could, and I was very pleased with the outcome. It was not originally what I wanted, but it was a cute little boy haircut.

That's right, little boy haircut, not little baby haircut.

So, after all that, here he is.

I know, he's the cutest thing I've ever seen too!! He loves it. He told everyone he had a big boy haircut now. It is much easier to wash now too. But, I still miss his long hair.
Wonder what the new baby's hair will look like? It will probably be bald due to all the hair stress we've been through during the pregnancy. I'll love it hairy or bald though.
(I really hate to call it "it", so let's come up with a new name for "it". Not peanut, too common. Let me know what you think)
Until next time.......

10 Weeks and Counting!

(If you go by the date of this post, I'm really 12 weeks pregnant.)

In this picture, I'm about 10 weeks pregnant. I know they tell you (whoever "they" are) that you start to show earlier the 2nd time around, but are you kidding me? I was about 5-6 mths pregnant the last time I was this big. It can't be a good thing to be this big this early. I mean, if I look like this now, what will I look like at 5-6 mths this time?

Oh Lord, moving on.

I am very glad to report that the progesterone poisoning, uh hum, morning sickness has subsided A LOT. Yay! I'm not nauseous very much at all, but now everything just tastes funny. I can't ever decide what to eat because nothing tastes really good. And thats a shame cause I love to eat!

I have been a whole lot more tired this time. I mean, I fight to keep my eyes open at work everyday. I just want to crash when I get home, but that's impossible with a 3 yr old at home. I sure hope that good energy comes back in the 2nd trimester. We'll see.

I did have an ultrasound done on August 3rd. I had just turned 9 weeks. It is so cute!! It actually looks like a baby! Duh, of course it's a baby, but I just didn't realize they had little arms and legs and no tail at 9 weeks. I was kind of expecting it to still look kinda blobbish. But it was so cute!!! I'll have to figure out how to get the pic on here. We have a scanner, but it hasn't been set up for 9 mths or so.
Anyway, according to the measurements during the scan, I actually measured a tiny bit smaller than 9 weeks, which would have put my due date at March 10th. But, they said any time it's within 5-7 days of the already estimated due date, they won't change it. So, my official due date is March 7th. I was just a little bummed about that though because my granny's birthday is March 11th and I think it would be the coolest thing for this baby to share her birthday. She is very special to me and I just think it would be neat. So, right now I'm kind of hoping to go 4 days late, but I think if you ask me again in February, I might have changed my mind.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I know I have felt the baby move a few times too. I felt Caden move for the first time at 14 weeks, and we could see him kicking from the outside by 16 weeks. And you know they say ("they" again) you can feel the 2nd one move earlier than the first one because you know what you're feeling this time. It caught me off gaurd at first, but after I felt it a couple of times, I knew that's what it was. It doesn't happen everyday, and I have to be super still. But it's the coolest thing to feel a little baby move inside. That, to me, is the best part of pregnancy. (Until you get a foot in the ribcage of course!)

Not much else going on with the pregnancy so far though. Oh, I do have the appointment scheduled for the big ultrasound. We find out what it is on October 15th!! (It's a baby, duh! That's what Caden says when people ask if we know or want to know what it is!) I can hardly wait! I'm so impatient. I even used to unwrap my Christmas gifts, very carefully, and after I got a peek, I would wrap it back up so no one would know. My granny was so mad when she found out, she started putting my gifts in bags and stapling the top shut all the way across!

I digress. So, that's all about that. I will tell you all about a bad haircutting experience next time.


No, I didn't die. I'm still here.

I can't believe it has been this long since I have blogged. The first part was just out of laziness, I'll admit it. But the past 3 weeks it's been because Facebook ate my computer. I'm not kidding. There was/is some kind of virus going around on facebook and it has attacked several peoples computers.

But I'm back!

I'm going to work on some posts with some actual substance now.
It would help if they hadn't blocked blogger on my work computers too.