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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas morning!!!

Now for Christmas, Part 2!!

We always come back home after spending Christmas eve at Pa's so we can wake up at home Christmas morning.  My mom (Mimi) and my granny come over EARLY so we can all open presents together.  The boys had a blast this year!  Especially Caden because Jaxten was more interested in eating the paper so Caden got to open his presents AND Jaxten's.

Here's our tree.  It's so pretty when it is lit up and the camera just can't capture it the way I want it to.

Our first family ornament!

Caden is like "Hey let ME help you with that".  Jaxten was thinking "Give me that paper kid, it looks yummy!"

Yes, we got Pacey a present too!  Doesn't everyone get their dog a present for Christmas???  Pacey loved all the squeeky toys and Jaxten ended up with the ball!

This is the BEST Christmas movie EVAH!!  Who doesn't love A Christmas Story?!?  "I triple-dog-dare ya" hahahahaha

Caden checking out Jaxten's toy.

Caden opening one of Jaxten's presents.  Caden had Cars wrapping paper and Jaxten had Toy Story.  I coordinated it so Caden would know what was his which may or may not have been such a good idea. ;)

Jaxten's favorite part of the morning!

Jaxten loved his Lightning McQueen ride-on toy!!  He looks like he is texting on his little phone behind the wheel (I would say just like mommy but texting while driving is illegal you know!) (I don't text while driving anymore but I still talk on the phone a little   quite a bit   okay, okay, if the car is running I'm probably talking on the phone!  There.  I said it!)

Also loved the dinosaur ride-on toy!

Caden playing with his new Leapster2.  (Look at those eyelashes!  He's got his daddy's eyelashes.  I have begged Scottie to let me put mascara on them just one time so I could see how pretty they would be but he just won't let me! lol)

It looks like the Christmas tree exploded in here!

Daddy and Caden.

Caden is showing Jaxten how his new toy works.  It's a little race track that spins around and shoots the cars out of the side.  Jaxten almost cried the first few times, but after a few minutes he was laughing so hard!  It was absolutely the most precious thing I have ever seen to watch them play together.  I have dreamed of this moment for a long time!

(Have you all noticed Pacey is somewhere in almost all of these pictures?  He was never far from the action that morning!)

Just the three of us, Jaxten had already fallen asleep for his morning nap.

We had so much fun this year!  I can only imagine next year will have to be even better since Jaxten will be a little older and more involved.

I love my little family!